About EWC

Heather Habelka is the mastermind behind EWC. An established solopreneur, Heather enjoyed success.

But as she approached the 5-year mark in business, Heather realized something was missing.

In her words:

I longed for a community — one that would provide a space for women entrepreneurs to celebrate the triumphs, and work through the challenges, that come with years of running a business. I couldn’t find an organization that met my criteria, so I decided to build one.

In 2015, the Entrepreneurial Women’s Club was born, offering meaningful networking and higher level professional development.

In 2018, Heather handed the reins to Lisa Corrado & Belinda Wasser. Heather says:

As I reflect on my time building, launching, and leading EWC, I am in awe of what our Club has become — the business that has been done, the referral networks that have been built, and the special friendships that have been formed.

We couldn’t agree more!

What we’ve learned as co-leaders of EWC is that the best thing we can do is bring smart, supportive women together and watch the magic happen. When we asked the members what they like best about EWC, every single one said “the women in the room”. Words like high quality, warm, welcoming, willing to help one another  were heard over and over again.

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Hope to see you soon!