Who’s Invited?

The Entrepreneurial Women’s Club is a special place. We’re not like other networking organizations, and that’s by design.

We exist because we saw a gap that needed to be filled. There are resources for women in corporate jobs, for those launching a start-up, and those who run huge businesses. We’re here for the women who are established small business owners or solo-preneurs.

Our mission is to provide a space to connect with other smart, supportive female business owners. We’re here to have fun while building relationships and learning new things.

EWC is different than organizations that exist to help their members by gaining new customers. You may meet others who do what you do, and that’s okay with us. We’re focused on connection, not competition or selling.

When we ask our members what they like most about EWC, they say “the other women in the room”. We want that to always be the first answer, every single time.

Our guests (and ultimately our members) are included by invitation rather than advertisement. We don’t strive to be the biggest women’s group out there. We do want to be one of the best, so we rely on our members to keep inviting high-caliber women who can both benefit from and contribute to the group.

Who’s an EWC woman?

  • She’s a business owner, established and working full-time.
  • She’s eager to support the other women she meets.
  • She’s not a direct sales agent for a company.
  • If she’s launching a new business, it’s only after she’s successfully owned & operated a previous business.

Questions about who to invite or if you can attend? Just let us know! Click here to email us.