October 2020 Lunch at EWC

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Your Tax Return Tells Your Story: Why you have to understand your tax return even if your CPA does it for you

No one likes paying taxes and most of us dread having to do them. Sure, you can rely on your CPA to handle them. But you still need to know what your tax return says about you and your business to help you reach your goals. Join us as Treacy Riiska, CPA shares what you really need to know about your tax return. Treacy will cover topics like:

  • Are you on-track to reach your financial goals?
  • Do you have the proper tax structure for your business?
  • Is your tax planning strategy right for you?

Join us as we learn tips to help us keep our financial house in order.

Treacy Riiska, CPA specializes in tax preparation for individuals and small businesses, with an emphasis on the attainment of personal and financial goals through tax planning and financial education. Learn more by visiting her website at https://www.treacycpa.com/

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