April 2019

Tackle your big goal of writing and publishing a book with the Publish Your Purpose Press Author’s Academy. EWC members save $300. The next sessions start the week of May 13. Click here to learn more or email Jenn at jenn@publishyourpurposepress.com to ask any book-related question you may have. You can also schedule time directly on Jenn’s calendar at www.meetwithjenn.com.

Our own Lisa Corrado had a big win last month when she presented Secrets of Goal Setting Rockstars from the main stage at the annual conference for the Association of Personal Photo Organizers. Do you know an organization that wants speakers for their events? Reach out to Lisa@LisaCorrado.com to make that connection. Many thanks.

Dianna Huff, President of Huff Industrial Marketing, and co-founder / editor of Manufacturing Marketing Magazine, is attending Eastec, a manufacturing expo, May 14 – 16. Manufacturing Marketing is a media sponsor of the three-day event, which is held in West Springfield, MA. The expo draws over 12,000 attendees. Dianna, and magazine co-founder Rachel Cunliffe, will be providing a free copy of the magazine to attendees.