Spotlight: Suzanne Ste. Therese

I live with: Husband, 2 beloved dogs and too much livestock to mention

Tell us about the work you do. How did you wind up here?
I am a writer of middle grade fiction, that’s the genre that covers kids aged 8-12. Like many things in life, I came upon this profession by accident. I was a Landscape Architect with a severe back problem. I started writing in my head while recovering from multiple surgeries. It was deeply satisfying. The back recovered but the head is still writing!

What did you want to be when you were a little kid? How does that play into the work you do now?
I played the piano from age 4 eventually becoming a competitive concert pianist. No character plays the piano yet in my books but I’ll think on that!

What problems do you solve?
My characters need help finding their Dad, feeling safe (get a dog), discovering a long lost sibling – I can do anything in a book! I like to think that how they solve problems is a good example for children who read about them.

Tell us the best part of what you do.
Imagine people from the clothes they wear, to what they think to the conversations they have over coffee – juicy gossip. It’s all in my head!

What’s your personal motto or mantra?
Too many to mention but mainly, “Keep on.”

Who’s your role model?
My Mom. She had twelve kids after getting a degree in accounting from Berkeley then returned to school to get a Masters in French Literature to become a teacher. I’ve never met anyone who persevered more with such quiet strength.

Where’s your favorite place to relax?
My bed. I work there a lot too! When I feel guilty about this, I think of Winston Churchill. He was famous for working from bed too!

Tell us a favorite accomplishment.
One book complete, one in rewrite and one in synopsis mode.

How can clients work with you?
In many ways my characters are my clients. I check in, set up appointments and work with them everyday.