Spotlight: Andrea Novakowski

Hometown: The first 11 years of my life – Plainville, MA. Due to a job change for my Dad we moved to Dartmouth, MA.

I live with: My husband of 40 years, Bill and our dog, Eva.

Tell us about the work you do. How did you wind up here? In 1994, I sold a business I was partner in to BCBSMA. We worked there for a year and then had the opportunity to do something different. I took two years off to chill, learn the names of my children and think about what was next. What came to the forefront were 3 things: stay in the business world, give back and be in relationship with people in a deeper way. I kept hearing about coaching and decided to try it. I started working for another coaching company marketing their services and quickly saw I wanted to be delivering the coaching. I went back to school (Coach University) and opened shop.

What did you want to be when you were a little kid? How does that play into the work you do now? Teacher, nurse, athlete. It was the 50s! In my work it can be a combination of sharing what I have learned, holding my client’s hand, or kicking butt!

What problems do you solve for your clients? I help my clients create a vision of where they are going, create a plan to get there and then identify and remove the obstacles that are in their way.

Tell us the best part of what you do. When my clients have an a-ha moment. They have an insight, gain clarity and see new possibilities. I also partner with my clients to achieve positive and lasting change in their behavior and show up as their authentic self. It’s amazing when people step into their own power.

What’s your personal motto or mantra? I am surrounded by wonderful resources.

Who’s your role model? My father. He was generous in giving back to others in need and knew how to enjoy life.

Where’s your favorite place to relax? On the couch with a good book.

Tell us a favorite accomplishment. When my clients accomplish the goals they set for themselves and learn more about themselves in the process.

Raising two wonderful people, my children James and Anna.

How can people work with you? If you are interested in coaching for yourself, you can sign up for a Complimentary Coaching Session to see if I am the right coach for you: or 508-231-0766.

To learn more about what I offer feel free to check out my website where you’ll find my newsletter The Coaching Tip of the Month, and my Goal-Setting Kit.