Spotlight: Diana Eastty

Hometown: Norfolk, MA

I live with: My Husband and Shih Tzu Jasmine. We have two grown daughters so we are (currently) empty nesters.

Tell us about the work you do. How did you wind up here? Ever since I can remember, I have loved well-ordered spaces. As a child, I used to rear-range my bedroom on a regular basis because I loved that feeling of clarity after all the dust and clutter was removed and my furniture was moved to its newly organized space. I also loved the sense of accomplishment that came with breaking down this big task into small attainable steps.

In college, I expanded my organizational skills by taking on student leadership roles. I developed an interest in managing social activities, promoting them and experiencing successful outcomes. That’s why I chose to become a marketing professional for the first 20+ years of my career. In 2013, I decided to combine my 20+ years of business experience with my organizational skills and launched my own professional organizing business.

Over the years I have realized that my experience working for businesses large and small, the skills I have obtained as a professional organizer, along with my technical expertise, uniquely qualify me to help people increase productivity at home and in the office.

What did you want to be when you were a little kid? How does that play into the work you do now? When I was younger, I fantasized about living in New York City and becoming a fashion designer. In high school, I spent most of my free time sewing my clothes on an antique treadle singer sewing machine that my parents bought for me at an auction. I loved all of it – selecting fun fabric, pinning and cutting out the patterns, and showing off the final out-fits. I even was awarded a “best in show” ribbon at our annual local fair.

Sewing requires following directions and a lot of attention to detail which when I look back, is an important life skill to learn and has served me well throughout my career.

What problems do you solve for your clients? Most of my clients call me when they are overwhelmed and stuck. It could be a disorganized closet, a messy desk without a paperwork filing system, or a cluttered basement that motivates them to contact me. I help them see through all that distracts them. Working together we develop a plan, and I guide them through the process of developing systems that help maintain order and improve productivity. As a result, my clients can accomplish more every day.

Tell us the best part of what you do. I love helping my clients sift through whatever distracts and weighs them down. It is gratifying to witness those “ah ha” moments when they can see the way out of feeling overwhelmed.

What’s your personal motto or mantra? Everything is a process. Take one step at a time.

Who’s your role model? Courtney Carver. She has taught me how “living with less can lead to so much more.”

Where’s your favorite place to relax? By a body of water – doesn’t matter to me if it is a pool, lake, or the ocean.

Tell us a favorite accomplishment. Having the confidence to start my own business – first as a marketing consultant, and more recently evolving into a professional organizer.

How can people work with you? I approach each project with C.A.R.E. (Connect. Assess. Re-define. Execute.)

Initially, we Connect for a quick phone call. If it’s a good fit, we schedule an Assessment visit. Using the information collected I put together a plan to Re-define your space(s). Then the fun part – Execute the plan.

It all starts by contacting me here.