Spotlight: Elisa Adams

Hometown: While I lived in North Andover, I went to another school and was not involved with that community.

I live with: My life partner, Dick.

Tell us about the work you do. How did you wind up here? As a first generation Albanian American, I was not “allowed” to pursue a career in art. Art and sciences went hand-in-hand and I became a chiropractor, shaping bodies instead of stone, for the past 35 years. The last 14 years I have developed my hobby in sculpting and turned it into a second profession. I have been in over 50 national and soon-to-be international exhibitions, won numerous awards, been represented at several galleries and written up in several art publications.

What did you want to be when you were a little kid? How does that play into the work you do now? I always wanted to help people, and persuade the arts. I have devoted my life to this mission.

What problems do you solve for your clients? Through chiropractic, many health and stress related issues and through my art, love and peace.

Tell us the best part of what you do. Learning from others.

What’s your personal motto or mantra? I am perfect, healthy and whole.

Who’s your role model? I have a few: my grandmother, Cher and Barbara Streisand, for as a young girl, there were not many women heroines. Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Georgia O’Keefe.

Where’s your favorite place to relax? In my studio

Tell us a favorite accomplishment. Giving young women hope.

How can clients work with you? At this phase of my life, my chiropractic work has a life of its own. It is stable.  As for my emerging art career, have a look at my website and feast your heart and soul. Works for sale are in a separate section!

I can also be reached at and you can find me on social media: Instagram @eadamsart Facebook @ Elisa Adams, Sculptor