Spotlight: Heather B. Habelka, MBA

Hometown: Watertown, CT

I live with: My husband, Jim Miron

Tell us about the work you do. How did you wind up here?

Now that I think about it, I’ve had some pretty cool experiences as a writer! I’ve toured Scotland to learn all about single malt scotch—how else would one accurately write about it? I’ve served as a communications director for a high-profile Congressional campaign—yes, I’ve met some really famous politicians. And for almost ten years I ran my own marketing agency—until I realized I’m better as a creative than as a CEO. But I’m proud of myself for giving it a go!

Today I work as a freelance marketing copywriter and nonfiction editor. My clients include advertising/marketing/design/digital agencies and I’ve established myself in the nonprofit and LGBTQ markets. I also edit works of nonfiction including reports, articles, and books. I get to spend my days creating and collaborating with an inspiring group of clients!

What did you want to be when you were a little kid? How does that play into the work you do now? I hold two distinct memories from my childhood. First, I remember telling my first grade teacher I was going to be a writer. Second, I was constantly running “pretend” businesses. My parents, grandparents, and my dolls were my loyal, and patient, customers. Honestly, I don’t think anyone was surprised when I went on to study journalism and business before settling into life as a writing entrepreneur!

What problems do you solve for your clients? Simply stated, I write copy that works! (My dear friend Lisa Corrado heard me say this once. She immediately wrote it down and read it back to me. I now use that line everywhere!)

Tell us the best part of what you do. The best part is seeing my words come to life—whether on a sign in a coffee shop, on a billboard on 95, or on Amazon! I also derive immense satisfaction when my writing and editing is a catalyst for change.

What’s your personal motto or mantra? My late father’s personal motto was, “If you’re going to do something, do it right—or don’t do it at all.” He passed his mantra, and his strong work ethic, on to me.

Who’s your role model? Tom Brady. Even though he’s constantly achieving, he hasn’t lost his intensity or passion for the game. I feel the same way when it comes to my work.

Where’s your favorite place to relax? I love spending time in our new home or visiting Bermuda—which has become our home away from home.

Tell us a favorite accomplishment. This spring I will celebrate 10 years as an entrepreneur. I’m so proud of myself for never giving up, for learning to get comfortable being uncomfortable, and for forging my own path.

How can people work with you? The best way to learn about my services, and to view my portfolio, is to visit