Spotlight: Amy Schmidt

Tell us about what you do:

I am the CEO and Founder of Fearlessly Facing Fifty. I launched this in response to having conversations with so many women who are struggling with their roles changing as they age. We explore topics such as lack of confidence in returning to the work force or fear that we’ll be replaced, caring for aging parents, dealing with grief, menopause, women’s health, and relationship shifts with partners and children.

I have a weekly podcast called Fearlessly Facing Fifty which digs deep into these topics through expert interviews and stories of inspiring women. My book Cannonball….Fearlessly Facing Fifty will be released in Spring 2020, sharing my message and strategies for taking on Act 2 with confidence. My mantra is simple, “You’re never too old, and it’s never too late”.

What’s your super power?

My superpower is to engage and interact with people, making them feel like they add value in everything they do. I make connections and form relationships that make others feel important and empowered.

What do you like best about EWC?

I find it so empowering to be in a room of like-minded women leaders who inspire each other with new ideas, new relationships and the power of networking. For me, at 50, and launching Fearlessly Facing Fifty, it’s about collaboration over competition and that aligns well with the members of EWC.